Machine Control

Increases Your Operators’ Productivity & Accuracy

2D Systems are mainly used with bulldozers can provide some of the highest accuracy when trimming to a surface or plain. 2D height positioning for dozers can be achieved with any standard rotating laser, whereas on an excavator, this can also be done with gravity or IMU sensors.

When a 3DMC System is installed, it allows the operator
the ability to go to work without having to wait for any setting out to be done as all the design is already in the control box. This means the operator can work faster and more accurately using fewer materials. This goes hand in hand with the massive fuel savings achievable (easily 40% savings).

Machine-mounted GPS receivers are used to determine the position and orientation of the machine on the ground in relation to the design model. This can also be achieved by tracking a machine-mounted prism from an
IPS robotic total station.

Additional sensors measure other positions and angles of the machine, which is read by a control box, processed and sent to the cab driver on the screen in the cab, showing him what to do to reach the required
design level.

Where can it be used?

Its not just for large road projects MC is easier and more affordable than ever and can be used on many smaller jobs

  • Ditches
  • Drainage
  • Footings
  • Housing Plot Layouts

Safety is Paramount

  • Reduced crew needed on the ground
  • Less opportunity for injury
  • Can perform multiple operations on the same site

Reduce Environmental Impact

  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Lower emissions
  • Less ground disturbance

Reduce Costs

  • Less fuel used = lower costs
  • Less materials used = lower costs
  • Less manpower needed = lower costs

Increase Accuracy

  • Its not just for large road projects.
  • MC is easier and more affordable than ever
  •  and can be used on many smaller jobs

PQS are the partners you need for Machine Control

PQS will consult on the full equipment package required to get you set up with Machine Control.

Our expert engineers and fitters will ensure your system is correctly fitted and working accurately before signing off any work as complete.
It can take some time to get used to the controls, but we have every confidence that any operator can pick up the understanding of machine control quickly to become proficient in any MC tasks.


We have dedicated technicians, engineers and surveyors, qualified and accredited to the highest levels, who will manage all aspects of MC. Whatever level of experience your team has, PQS can provide support in all areas to ensure you get the most from your machines.

The rapid response required to reduce downtime to our partners is paramount.

Our fully qualified fitters are able to wire a 3D system your Dozer, excavator, skid steer in order for you to achieve high-accuracy results and reduce engineering costs.

Our MC range works alongside the Topcon robotics and GPS, using Sitelink3D V2 allows PQS to manage engineering changes at the press of a button.