3D Indicate Control Excavator System

  • Cut grade fast and accurately
  • Cut flat, vertical and 3D surfaces
  • Fully upgradeable
  • Improves job safety
  • Integrated multi-constellation
    GR-i3 GNSS receivers


Grade Faster

Select the X-53x (full 3D system) now or get the X-52x (2D system) and easily upgrade later. Either choice sets you up with future-proof 500kpbs Baud Rate modular components ready for the next generation enhancements. No matter which system you start with, you will greatly enhance your excavating projects. 3D systems show a 30% productivity increase over non-equipped

Integrated Components

The X-53x system features fully integrated multi-constellation GR-i3 GNSS receivers for precise positioning of the boom, stick and bucket at all times.


The future-proof, compact and ruggedized MC-X1 GNSS machine controller supports current 2D/3D indicate systems now and future planned enhancements.


Tilt sensors are mounted on the boom, stick and bucket for elevation guidance at any angle.